CompRecovery invites YOU—computer service provider, industry professional, reseller, consultant or technician—to participate in our Data Recovery Referral Program (DRRP). When you refer your client to us, CompRecovery will recover their data and PAY YOU 10%

SELL MORE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . STRESS LESS
Starting data recovery services is demanding and costly. You need the right tools, facilities (“clean rooms”), and technicians to perform data recovery. Why not just refer CompRecovery?


MONEY FOR NOTHING (well, almost!)

After a customer has been referred to CompRecovery, we perform a diagnostic on their media to deter-mine whether the data is recoverable and, if it is, the cost of recovery.

If you want to participate in our Data Recovery Referral Program (DRRP) and we hope you do, simply fill out, sign and date the DRRP FORM below then fax it to 215-473-9127 or mail it to CompRecovery, at 6100 City Avenue, Suite P215, Philadelphia, PA 19131. Questions? Call us at 215-473-9126.

CompRecovery’s Data Recovery Team looks forward to our professional & mutually beneficial venture!


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