CompRecovery has been providing Data Recovery services for nearly a decade. Disaster Recovery, Planning Solutions, and Consulting are extensions to our Data Recovery services. CompRecovery has also formed a partnership with many local computer service providers to help resolve all of your computer problems affected by data loss. Windows (9x, Me, NT/2000, XP), Novell, Mac OS, UNIX, AIX, DOS
are few of the platforms and operating environments we cover as the list goes on. We specialize in hard disk recovery, including multi-disks systems such as RAID, Tape, CD/DVD, SysQuest, MO, Jaz, Zip, Comaq Flash, Memory Cards and iPod/MP3/PDA. Our skilled and experienced recovery specialists, consultants and customer representatives along with our resources will help you solve all your systems nightmares.  

Our planning solutions conducted by our consultants will help you in preventing data loss in the first place. Because when it comes to securing your data, an ounce of prevention is worth much more than a pound of cure. If your data is already lost we can build or provide a loaner system for you that will ensure that your business is not slowed down or disrupted by electrical failure, virus activity, hardware failure, natural disaster or any other situation that could potentially cause your data loss.

Our policy is based on the “NO DATA - NO CHARGE”, and we cover all business sizes from fortune 500 companies to small businesses and individuals. We understand that you have a budget and we will work with you accordingly. Unlike many of our competitors who charge upfront fees to diagnose your media, we at CompRecovery earn our income by recovering your data, not by charging diagnostic fees. Yes FREE diagnostic. Like many people, if you are too busy or just don't have the time to get your hard drive to us and you live in the Delaware Valley, CompRecovery will pick up your damaged hard drive, and return it to you. Again this service is also FREE of charge; all you are responsible for is the recovery fee.


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