We recover laptop hard drives (2.5 inch) and desktop hard drives (3.5 inch). Whether your data loss is the result of Electrical Failure, Virus Activity, System Malfunctions, Accidental Erasure/Reformat, Water, Fire or File Corruption, CompRecovery has sophisticated tools and services that can bring your data from the dead. We offer FREE evaluation, FREE pick-up of media, FREE drop-off and our policy is based on “NO DATA - NO CHARGE”.

What should you do?

• Turn off the power.
• Don’t restart the machine.
• Don’t reinstall any software.
• Do not open the hard disk or try to repair it yourself.
• Do not use automatic recovery tools.
• Contact us immediately for advice.

To proceed, please fill out the online request form and follow the Recovery Process for instructions and tips.

Time of Recovery

The regular turnaround time typically takes for laptop drives 3-5 days laptop hard drives, and 5-7 days for desktop hard drives. This process can take longer depending on the complexity of the recovery or the availability of donor drives.

Emergency/Expedited Service

The time frame for this type of data recovery service is same day if possible, or normally 1 to 2 days. The EMERGENCY SERVICE recovery has an additional $200.00 added to the standard cost. Please be aware of, in some complex recovery cases the recovery process time may be affected by capacity of hard drives and condition of surfaces on the disk. The fee is non refundable.

Why Use CompRecovery

CompRecovery has a 92% success rate and is the only company in Philadelphia to offer advanced Data Recovery "IN HOUSE" with the use of "CLASS 100" and capable of “CLASS 10” clean environment. We also offer the lowest prices in the industry based on your specific recovery.

The Most Common Symptoms

• Ticking or grinding noise from the hard drive.
• Blue or black screen after power up.
• Drive not formatted.
• Computer keeps rebooting.
• System freezes or hangs.
• Drive or device not found.
• No operating system found.

Data Recovery Pricing

The price of recovery depends on the amount of recovered data and the complexity associated with the recovery. CompRecovery charges $200.00 for Emergency/Expedited recoveries and $200.00 for RAID, NAS and SAN diagnostic. Desktops and laptop hard drives are generally $495.00 to $1,495.00. Floppy Disks, Memory Sticks and Smart Media are in average $250.00. RAID, NAS and SAN systems can vary greatly in price depending on the complexity of the recovery. RAID systems are charged per drive. The only other charges incurred are the cost of donor drives if needed, the cost of shipping and if you need to purchase a hard drive from us to put your data on. Most customers ask us if we can just get a little bit of the data instead of it all. The answer is that generally it takes as much time to get a little bit of the data as does to get all of it.


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