Shipping Tips:

After contacting us with a detail description of your problem, carefully pack your drive or system and ship it to CompRecovery via UPS or FDEX. Shipping your media across the country exposes it to innumerable threats. Minimize shipping risks by first keeping all extraneous parts like brackets, cables, and screws unless a technician has instructed otherwise. Second, make sure to hire an expert to remove the drive in the first place if you don't know how.


Third, put the drive in a static bag (or wrap the drive in aluminum foil. Fourth, find a sturdy box, and suspend the drive inside using foam pellets or cushy bubble wrap all around (use a good quality mailing tape). Lastly, try selecting UPS or FedEx. This is a more expensive way to ship, but not only does the package reach its destination sooner, it also experiences less handling. And you'll be able to track the package's progress.

Upon reception of your media you will be assigned a case number. Our data recovery specialists will perform a comprehensive diagnostic to determine exactly what has gone wrong.

Data Verification:
After a full and accurate evaluation of your media you will be emailed a list of recoverable data to make sure the files you need are present.

Data Recovery Authorization:
As soon as the file list is complete, ComRecovery will send you an authorization form including the price for recovering your data to be filled out, signed and faxed back in order to complete the recovery process and get your data back to you.

Data Recovery:
Upon reception of your authorization to proceed along with your method of payment, the recovery specialist will complete the recovery process by transferring your data on CDs, DVDs or external USB hard drives. Rest assured that your data is SECURE as every member of CompRecovery is under strict nondisclosure.

Data Recovery Pricing
The price of recovery depends on the amount of recovered data and the complexity associated with the recovery. CompRecovery charges $200.00 for Emergency/Expedited recoveries and $200.00 as well for RAID diagnostic. Desktops and laptop hard drives are generally $495.00 to $1,495.00. Floppy Disks, Memory Sticks and Smart Media are in average $250.00. RAID systems can vary greatly in price depending on the complexity of the recovery. RAID systems are charged per drive. The only other charges incurred are the cost of donor drives if needed, the cost of shipping and if you need to purchase a hard drive from us to put your data on. Most customers ask us if we can just get a little bit of the data instead of it all. The answer is that generally it takes as much time to get a little bit of the data as does to get all of it.


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